Skatepark Lights At Cherokee Veterans Park

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Cherokee Veterans Park is a great addition to the Canton area; however, we have encountered a few issues. This park is meant to be a safe place for people of all ages to enjoy in the progression of actions sports, yet it does not accommodate the adult/working athlete. By this I mean our biggest issue is not having lights available for nighttime skating. For myself, being the owner and full time employee of GetAJob Skateboards I have a small window of opportunity to skate during the day and unfortunately, without lights, I am unable to practice my passion of skateboarding during the evenings. I believe this would be a fantastic opportunity for all involved to keep the park alive! As a fellow skateboarder I would like to utilize the park to its fullest extent and watch our community grow.
With that all being said I would like to point out that the park is open until 10pm and there are other areas such as the tennis court that do have working lights. We would like to be allotted the same opportunities as we come to the county with this petition to show how much we do care.