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Get Olive Tree Entertainment to explain and compensate for Rapbeat Show 2017

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Olive Tree Entertainment, the organisers of the Rapbeat Show 2017 concert have essentially scammed myself and the hundreds of people who attended the concert. Being one of the attendees of the Rapbeat Show 2017 concert I would've like to say that I had a great experience as I had worked hard to purchase my ticket to watch my favourite artists perform. However I am truly disappointed to have to go to this extent to make apparent that none of my own and the hundreds of other attendees expectations were met on the night of the concert.

Olive Tree Entertainment failed to deliver as promoted and the concert was very much subpar and falsely advertised.

Drastic changes were made to the original floor plan and many were left confused and even physically hurt by the lack of crowd control. There was no forewarning of the changes made to the floor plan and little attempt to explain the changes.

It is clearly advertised on the website that the stage would have a T-extension however we were left with a small rectangular stage that was far too small and low to see anything from. Further false claims were made by Olivetree entertainment regarding elevated seating which was not made available. Those who had paid for seating were left with plastic chairs that were so far away from the stage that there was no possibility of seeing a single thing as they were all on ground level with no such elevation that Olive Tree Entertainment had promised. 

The absence of any proper barriers to separate each category was ridiculous as their only attempt to keep each category separated was blue duct tape on the floors. It is absurd to expect that mere tape can prevent hordes of people from running to the stage. Consequently in the rush of those who were behind the VIP standing section many were crushed and suffocated leading to people having to leave the concert early.

Many people had flown in or travelled from other states and cities to attend, expecting to see their favourite artists but all that was visible was the back of people's heads. It is disheartening for all those who paid to see Ravi and Heize and we're unable to due to Olive Tree Entertainments poor organisation and time management and further upsetting for all the performers and talented artists as they would not have expected for more than half the audience to be kept outside as they continued to perform to an almost empty dome for the first twenty minutes of the concert.

We are all very much appalled by the organisation of the concert and feel the need for a proper explanation and to be compensated for our losses.


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