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Kalia Serna is a 16 year old sophomore at Northwestern High School. She lives with her father because she lost her mother 8 years ago when a man with a gun shot and killed her mother. She was deeply traumatized and affected by this event. Kalia was having a normal day at school on Tuesday October 18th when the school enforced a lockdown. The lockdown was put into place for a student who had fallen ill to a seizure and needed to be transported to the ambulance.

The students of Northwestern High School were not properly informed of the reason for the lockdown. The teachers did not properly communicate to students that it was a low level lockdown but one teacher had told students a lockdown would be put into place if there was ever an incident of an active shooter in or near the school.

Kalia panicked when she heard anything about a gun because she had flashbacks to her mothers murder. She was scared and texted her father out of fear. She said there could have been a shooter in the school. Her father panicked and attempted to contact Northwestern and got no answer. When he didn't get an answer, he was worried of other parents who couldn't reach the school. He posted a status update to Facebook saying there "could be" an active shooter in the area. Parents began to panic and one parent informed the school of the incident.

The school immediately called Kalia to the office and began to ask her what happened. The school personnel confiscated her cell phone and searched it WITHOUT consent. The German Township Police Department was contacted and called to the school to investigate. When they arrived, they began to question Kalia WITHOUT her father being present and without consent. They tried to intimidate her, asking her questions such as "are you nervous"? They told her that she "better be nervous". They threatened to "put her in cuffs and take her downtown".

Kalia is now facing criminal charges for "inducing panic". She was suspended from school for 10 days with a recommendation for EXPULSION. She has never been in trouble with the school and maintains a B average in her classes.

She is being punished for a misunderstanding. She was scared and worried. She confided in her father and is now suffering for it. She is missing out on her education and could possibly be expelled. If she get charged with inducing panic she will undoubtedly miss too much school to catch up.

Her chances at going to college or even graduating will forever be altered. Please help in order to get the charges dropped on Kalia and to have the 10 day suspension released and allow this young girl to go back to school. Every child has the right to be scared and afraid. Every child has the right to an education.

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