A People's Tribunal To Try Remain MPs For Treason

A People's Tribunal To Try Remain MPs For Treason

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Mandy Baldwin started this petition to Gerard Batten MEP

More people voted to leave the EU than have ever voted for any thing in our entire history - and now the petition demanding a No Deal Brexit is the biggest petition in our history.

Of the 650 British constituencies, voting was as follows:
Leave - 421
Remain – 229
Since an MP exists only to enact the will of his or her constituents, any MP of any of the 421 Leave constituencies, who has campaigned in any way to deny, delay, or subvert the result of the Referendum, is in direct opposition to the wishes of the constituents.

And yet, since Leave won the referendum on EU membership in 2016, Remain-supporting MPs have consistently worked to thwart the decision of the people.
Now they claim that - due to their efforts being directed to thwarting the vote instead of on the business of obeying the people - they may have to "delay" Brexit.
We will have waited almost three years to see our vote implemented, and still they are refusing to obey.

2/3 of MPs oppose Brexit in favour of their own interests in securing the unlimited, untaxed personal gain and unaccountable power which the EU offers to those who work for it against the people.

As a nation our law is based on precedent, so, if MPs are allowed to oppose or ignore this, the largest vote in our history, they will not be obliged to obey any vote whatsoever in the future. This is the entire purpose of those MPs who oppose Brexit: overturning the vote will enable them to make Britain a dictatorship.

Should they succeed in delaying Brexit, civil unrest on a scale last seen during the civil war is inevitable. 

If they delay Brexit, or refuse to accept a No Deal Brexit, MPs will have broken the covenent with the people, and parliament will have no legitimacy.

Under those circumstances, without legitimate government, it will be our duty to restore the role of parliament as servant of the people, by removing from office all those who, by working against the majority decision, have declared themselves the enemies of democracy and peace.

Citizen's arrests of those MPs who have opposed Brexit should be carried out, preferably without violence, and the accused held under house arrest until trial for offences against the people and the nation.

Any action to prevent these arrests would be counted as a further offense as to prevent the arrests opposes the will of the people which, in a country without legitimate government, is the only acceptable authority.

A tribunal, chosen by popular vote, should be enabled to decide whether charges of treason are answerable, and, if the accused is found guilty by a jury selected by the tribunal, should be subject to the punishment for their offence which popular vote supports (excluding the death penalty.).

Here is the full list of Remain MPs whose constituencies voted to Leave.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!