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Georgia Tornado Safety: Make Storm Shelters Mandatory in Mobile Home Parks

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On February 14, 2000 a devastating EF3 tornado struck the town of Camilla, Georgia where 11 people were killed, most in mobile homes. Seventeen years later, another outbreak hit South Georgia in January of 2017, including the town of Adel and Sunshine Acres mobile home park. 7 people lost their lives there that night and among them was 19-year old Alexis Livingston. This petition is started at the request of her father. As we have seen since the 2011 super outbreak that devastated parts of the southeast, the southeast is susceptible to strong and violent tornadoes and there are many living in mobile homes with no place to go. 

When a developer builds a subdivision, they are usually required to put in stormwater ponds, curbs, gutters, among other things. Therefore, in the interest of public safety and all the victims of the southeast and their loved ones living with their loss, we are asking mobile home park developers to do something as well:  recognize a legitimate need for storm shelters and fulfill it in order to keep citizens safe. 

This year NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is in the middle of a study into the dangers of Southeast tornadoes. Their statement illustrates the need people in the Southeast have for adequate shelter.  From NOAA: "The number of killer tornadoes in the southeastern U.S. is disproportionately large when compared to the overall number of tornadoes throughout the country. Researchers believe this is caused by a series of physical and sociological factors, including tornadoes at night, in rugged terrain, as well as tornadoes occurring before the perceived peak of “tornado season,” during a time of year when storms typically move quickly. Other variables include the lack of visibility, inadequate shelter, and larger population density that increases the vulnerability of residents in this area." 

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