Help stop Police Brutality & abuse on Special Needs Kids! Let's amend the Immunity Law!

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Why this LAW should be amended! 

Recent in Georgia

Statistics of Police Brutality

Government employees are taking advantage of their power because they know the law will protect them according to The Federal & State Sovereign Immunity Law
Abuse of power -
Abuse of power -
Government employees (Officers) are killing constituents because of personal issues, prejudice, no prior psychiatric counseling, mental issues and racism. These officers are being protected by the Federal & State Sovereign Immunity Law.
Government employees (teachers) are taking advantage of the special needs community while they are in school. Some special needs kids can't, walk, talk or perform as normal kids. Special Needs kids in schools are being abused physically, mentally to the point of causing death. The teachers are being protected by the Federal & Sovereign Immunity Law .
Abuse of Special Needs Child -
Abuse of Special Needs Child -
Maltreatment of student -
Maltreatment of Special Needs Child -
The schools resources officers has their own jurisdiction and are employed by the schools. This is a major issue which cause the school to have records which can be destroyed. This is a major problem because the special needs student can't defend themselves with a voice when they are being abused. Normal kids are being bullied by teachers as well.
Government employees (teachers) are being threaten and bullied to the point of loosing their job if they speak out. Government employees are mandated to report all incidents.
Teacher fired for exposing the truth in Georgia -
Government employees do not have the proper training when dealing with special needs kids/constituents according to articles of the press and personal experience.

Proposed Solution
Government employees should be prosecuted if proven guilty of abuse and if the abuse leads to death. The State employees should be liable for lawsuit against them. They should face charges!
We need to update the Intentional Tort Clause and add abuse on special needs kids who are fragile, can't walk or talk should be granted permission to prosecute and be able to sue the State and employee if proven they were abused and if they are abused and it caused their death.
Government employees should NOT be able to be licensed/revoke license in the United States and NOT be able to for any institution/schools or be around kids/elderly once proven they are an abuser.
Government employees should have a quarterly psychological evaluation
If a Government employee goes against the school or police rules outside of the guidelines of the law then the Immunity Law should not stand and this will protect the constituents

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