Vote NO to Horse Racing in Georgia

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Tell your Georgia State Legislators that we will not allow horse racing in Georgia because Georgia has one of the worst records in the country for animal overpopulation and neglect and because our Georgia Department of Agriculture cannot even keep up with the responsibilities they already have!  Nor can the local counties, towns and cities!  We cannot add racehorses to the list of animals that are already suffering from apathy and lack of resources to adequately care for them.

The fact that a bill like this can even be proposed and voted on tells you your lawmakers are not educated about the plight of companion animals here in Georgia!  Once they clean up the mess we already have then maybe, but not now or in the foreseeable future.

An average of 24 horses suffer fatal breakdowns at tracks across the country EVERY WEEK. Horses are forced to race when they are so young their skeletal systems are still growing and unprepared to handle the pressures of competition racing at high speeds. Fragile two-year-old horses are forced to run at reckless speeds, just to impress potential buyers. Every year, more than 10,000 broken-down racehorses are crowded onto trucks and transported on a grueling journey to Mexican and Canadian slaughterhouses. The horse racing industry breeds tens of thousands of thoroughbreds every year, in the hope of breeding the next Kentucky Derby winner. The training facilities have barns they refer to as “kill barns.” These barns are full of young horses destined for slaughter after breaking down during the training process. Racehorses are sometimes given an aggressive, daily regimen of pain-masking drugs and treatments. These drugs are not used for genuinely therapeutic purposes—they're used to keep horses going when their legs and lungs are screaming "Stop!”