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Raise awareness for my wounded pitbull, Lucy. #justiceforlucy #justiceforpitbulls

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Please support my cause to spread awareness for my Pitbull, Lucy, and all Pitbulls and dogs alike. She was wounded by a gunshot because she got loose and ran into a neighbors yard. She's not aggressive and there's a stigma going around that Pitties are an aggressive, violent, and unpredictable breed.

Our neighbors, at the time, had multiple peacocks in a small cage that wasn't secured correctly. Our dogs, including Lucy, got loose and ran over because they heard the loud and untamed peacocks/peafowls in their yard. These "neighbors" own guns and let that be known to whomever came across them. We boarded up our house, leashed, and made sure to lock every window and door that was possible. Previous to this ever happening these neighbors told us they would shoot our dogs if they ever saw them on their yard. 

Here's where the injustice comes in: around 8:30 AM on November 14th, 2017 we heard the noise of a slamming door occur. We ran out of our room, still half asleep, and we noticed that our dogs got out by pushing their way through the screen door. We spent a good 20 minutes calling our dogs to come back home and our neighbors heard us. They refused to let us on their property so we did the best we could to scour around to find them. About 20 minutes into calling our dogs we heard gunshots and a loud, stomach churning screech from one of our dogs. Turns out it was our beautiful Lucy-Doo. I ran onto the neighbors yard (because at that point I didn't care about the fact that they told us to not enter their property). I knew it was our dogs. The neighbor, Michelle Bomba Tucker, decided to turn the gun on me and threatened to "f*****g kill me too" if I didn't get off their yard. This was a very difficult situation because at this point two out of our three dogs managed to escape her gun wielding property and she still had my little five month old hound, Fiona, who doesn't have teeth bigger than a centimeter to harm anyone. Let alone the fact that she's this tiny little beautiful black pooch.  I was in such shock that I couldn't even focus on the fact that my Lucy-bear was collapsed and profusely bleeding from her upper left arm. All I thought was "where's my puppy? Where the hell is my other puppy?!" About five minutes later I see Michelle take my little Fiona and Chuck her across the yard, picking her up like she was game that she just hunted down. I thought she was dead. I pleaded with Michelle and asked to please give me my puppy. She screamed with such an evil shrill, saying "She's DEAD!". I will never be able to get that sound out of my head ever again. It's in my nightmares. By the time the cops came she finally removed my little pup from her evil, trigger happy grasp. The cops arrived and it was downhill for us from there. 

Let me make this clear, I understand that my dogs ran onto on her property, got into their peacock cage (which was supposedly locked), and allegedly killed one of their peacocks. My point is that she heard us calling them for 20 minutes, she knew they were on her property. Michelle could've either, 1) let us know that they were there, 2) used a force other than a .22 caliber hollow tip e.g. pepper spray, water hose, or 3) let us on her yard to retrieve them BEFORE they were able to do any harm to her peacocks.

This seems to me that this was a set up to shoot just because she wanted to. Because she "could". That this wasn't about her peacocks, but about them and getting their revenge. This woman, Michelle Bomba Tucker and her husband, Douglas Tucker, had more than enough time to confront us. We knew where they were but weren't allowed to retrieve them because we would've been shot and possibly killed. 

Michelle has all the money in the world to buy another 30 peacocks, they are livestock, not pets, not family. We can't adopt ourselves another Lucy, Jax, or Fiona. And Lucy will NEVER be able to use her arm again. Our vet said that "even the best surgeon couldn't fix her" and she will most definitely need a $1,300 amputation. 

My beautiful Lucy was the only dog who was shot. All the money in the world will never give my pup a happy life again. She can't hop around like a bunny, chase butterflies, or skateboard with us anymore. Lucy is forever damaged and fearful around everything and everyone now. So are we. 

Please help support Lucy and spread awareness. There should be a law banning gun use on pets, unless it is completely detrimental. There are other tactics and forces to use. 

We are advocates for all animals and wildlife; but tell me, is it legal to hunt a dog? NO. Is it legal to hunt peacocks? YES. Is it legal to eat dogs? NO. Is there a recipe for dogs? NO. But is it legal to eat peacocks? - Is there a recipe for them? YES. I'm not saying that one species of animal is worth more than the other, but look at the facts. 

Michelle and Douglas Tucker could have worked with us and ALL of our animals would've been safe, alive, and well.

Everyone, please secure your peacock cages, put down the guns and keep the closest eyes you can on your loved ones. Your furry companions and human friends included. 

My name is Jaesha Kiani Wong and Lucy's co-owner is Tess Alexandra Giesen.

Please support Lucy. 

#justiceforlucy ❤

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