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Dismantle the GDC Tier Segregation Program

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The Tier Segregation Program was created in 2013 and administered within 33 GA state prisons. It was supposed to be a managed pathway for offenders to successfully transition to lower security levels, but in actuality is in direct violation of the their 8th Amendment rights. It's being referred to as "protection for at risk inmates", when truth is more murders have taken place within this program than in general population. Inmates are suffering from mental anguish from being locked behind a door with little exposure to natural light for 24 hours a day, as well as starvation. Some of the inmates have not been outside for months at a time, if at all. The administration does not adhere to the program progression as stated in the fact sheet located on the GDC website. The punishment being inflicted is more than cruel and unusual, animals are treated better than these human beings. This program also restricts inmates from being able to be involved in programs that will help rehabilitate and prepare them for self sufficiency, which means it makes it hard for them to meet the requirements for parole prolonging their incarceration. The for profit prison system continues to receive funds to keep these people in harsh living conditions and dangerous environments. Once these people have been labeled as criminals the world forgets about them. It's time that society acknowledges the issues with prisons and create a solution, no more reform on the slavery tactics.

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