Stop I-285 Top End Express Lanes Project!!

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Hating traffic is bipartisan! 

Over the past 50 years, the Atlanta metro area has experienced historic growth that is not slowing down. US Conference of Mayors projects that Atlanta will have over EIGHT MILLION people by 2048. That's only 29 years away! The report is here -

In 1969, the metro area only had 1.8 Million people. Right now we have 6 Million people. Had the State and GDOT possessed some vision of the growth, they would have adopted a multi-modal approach rather than continuously adding lanes. In 50 years, top end I-285 went from 2 to 10 lanes! This proposal wants to add more. 

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Adding more lanes doesn't solve traffic issues. GDOT needs to expand its vision to 50 years out and adopt a multi-modal approach to handle our growth. 

If you share my view, then please sign this petition and let GDOT and our politicians know!