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Withdraw the new 'Annual Tax Summary' and apologise for misleading the public

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UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is misleading the British public with 'Annual Tax Summaries' that are Conservative Party electioneering masquerading as official government information.

He has ordered the Treasury to send out 24 million 'Annual Tax Summaries', claiming they will make the UK tax system "more transparent".

In fact, he should be red-faced with embarrassment after this was revealed to be nothing more than Conservative Party election propaganda, funded with taxpayers' money rather than Tory funds.

The 'summaries' focus on Income Tax - which the Conservative-led Coalition government has cut - and do not mention VAT - which the Conservative-led Coalition government has increased. This is intended to mislead people into believing that the government has allowed working people to keep more of their hard-earned money when this is not true.

In addition, the 'Welfare' heading is distorted. State pension payments - which account for more than half of the Department for Work and Pensions' budget - are separated from the rest (because the Conservatives want pensioners to vote for them). But public service pensions such as that of Prime Minister David Cameron (if he has chosen to take one) are included under 'Welfare'.

This supports an anti-'welfare' narrative that the Conservative Party is trying to create in the media and amongst the public, in order to boost support for plans to cut vital benefits for the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK.

The Coalition Government recently passed an Act of Parliament that limits the amount of money that may be spent by non-party political organisations on political campaigning, meaning that it is now much harder for ordinary people to fight decisions by politicians that are wrong.

The new 'annual tax summary is an attempt to take advantage of this new situation. With public opposition silenced, Mr Osborne thinks that he can feed us distorted, misleading information without fear of contradiction.

This petition aims to prove him wrong. It calls on Mr Osborne to withdraw these letters and apologise for attempting to mislead the public.

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