The cosmetics and skincare to be cruelty free

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Our society is trying to become more responsible with environment, awareness, etc else and Artistry has a chance to be a leader in taking a stance against animal cruelty in the beauty industry. It is strange to not condone animal testing and not proudly mark it on the product labels, so legally as a makeup artist can I advertise that I use a cruelty free brand? No one would believe me.

Veganism has risen over 300% in the U.S in the past couple years.
Many IBOs, like myself, lost supporters due to the regulation that Artistry only tests on animals where "mandated by government". There are plenty of companies, like Revlon and Paul Mitchell that pulled out of China and are being praised for it. With every company that is vocal about Beauty without Cruelty, there is a rising wave of customers ready to be supportive. It's a market I'm surprised Amway is not seeking.

Would you not consider taking a stand with everyone else? Amway has been amazing about adapting to the times and staying current on everything and I would be proud to see a radical change in policy. I'd like to see the cruelty free icon on the products or on the website at least. Artistry is a leading, prestigious brand and can be a catalyst for change in the beauty industry. It would be a revolutionary dream come true to witness a high end brand like Artistry make a bold statement about this--there would be more to gain by losing a market oversees.

When I talk to the product experts about Artistry cosmetics or skincare, I am told that the products are not tested on animals and yet the new Artistry Studio formulation contains Carmine and other animal derivatives. This sends a more confusing message. My petition is to eliminate animal products and condone responsible cosmetics. Beauty doesn't have to cause harm to anyone. 

I implore you to consider these things and I thank you for your consideration and time.