Petition to district Nantucket Elementary to Crofton High School

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We, the residents of the communities that are districted to Nantucket Elementary, request to have our community districted to the new high school currently under construction in Crofton, Maryland.

 Our position is as follows:

  • The Nantucket district is a compact and stable area, with no future plans for development. Our student population is not likely to increase in the future. Favoring Nantucket over other areas where growth is inevitable and impending, means a more stable population at Crofton High School.
  • Nantucket is located in Crofton and 100% of our students live in a 1.2 mile radius of the school. While some communities may have a Gambrills zip code, we consider ourselves Crofton residents. We live, play sports, and shop in Crofton and contribute to its economy.
  • Any proposal that would require transporting our kids to the west side of Route 3 to attend school, and continue to bus children from other communities from the west side of Route 3 to the east, is untenable. Route 3 is a heavily trafficked road and accidents, sometimes fatal, occur frequently. To the greatest extent possible, no bus route should have to cross Route 3. Further, newly licensed high school students should not be commuting on and across Route 3 to and from school.

We are asking all like-minded residents in the Nantucket district to sign our petition. We will present this petition to the Anne Arundel School Superintendent, George Arlotto, as well as to the Anne Arundel County School Board