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Help Nominate NieR: Automata For Game Of The Year!

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    I’ve never written one of these so I’ll ask in advance for forgiveness following any typos or inconsistencies that may be found in the passage that follows. I’m aware what little chance I have at success but I feel so passionate about this matter I’d be a fool to stand idly by and do nothing.

    “NIeR: Automata” Is the very first and only of it’s kind, as such describing it in a way that properly expresses it in all of it’s glory has proven to be quite the daunting task for me. It’s an experience that one cannot simply articulate in mere words. This is because NieR is more than just a video game, It’s an absolute masterpiece in every sense of the word and it would be insulting to refer to a work of art as anything less than what it truly is.

   It DARES to be different In quite a plethora of ways and the genius of Yoko Taro as well as the incredibly talented team at Platinum Games deserve the highest degree of praise. Everything from the game’s fast paced exhilarating combat (an aspect in which Platinum is unparalleled in excellent quality) to the game’s many fourth wall and sometimes hilarious features and mechanics

  In addition the story pulls you in with these extraordinarily well written characters each with a surprising amount of depth and likability outstanding voice over performances. All of these factors leave you emotionally invested in a plot full of heart wrenching and mind blowing twists and turns that by the end leave you with so many revelations about existentialism and make you question the very concept of the human soul.

  I’ve put off writing this for far too long, not from anything as simplistic as procrastination or laziness but because I feel no amount of words could ever accurately describe just how astounding NieR is. Even now I feel as if my praise doesn’t give it any justice. Perhaps the reason I’ve had so much trouble explaining what makes this game so great is because I’ve genuinely never felt as strongly about anything as I have with NieR. I don’t think it’s simply a great game, not at all. In my very humbled opinion I believe that NieR: Automata is the single most beautiful piece of media to be created in humanity’s history. A very bold statement I know and I certainly don’t expect many to share my opinion.

   I feel that this game isn’t just important to other gamer’s but is essential to our culture as human beings. It’s culturally Important in the sense that it shows us ourselves through the eyes of those who remain long after our time has passed. A great example of this lies in Automata’s awe inspiring and unequaled musical score as the cryptic and melodious lyrics used in the vocals are an amalgamation of a wide array of different languages and the instrumentals also draw from these different cultures and that in itself is such a beautiful, innovative form of symbolism and abstract story telling. The composition is not unlike human life in chaotic form and as such that makes it incomparable.

    perhaps no one will read this or sign this petition but regardless I pulled myself together and I’m here now forcing myself over my fears and insecurities so that I could type this; because as much as i fear making myself look foolish to all those who may read this I am far more afraid of this game being forgotten. NieR: Automata to me is something of beauty that is beyond all fathom and I truly wish everyone could experience it. IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS: With the absolute utmost sincerity it breaks my heart to think that less than a year from now no one will even remember this game even existed. It’s a thing of unique creativity that I cherish so dearly and  ALL I WANT my one hope for this petition that I have poured my heart into and struggled to write for months is that with enough support this game will at the very least have a permanent place in video game history. PLEASE Don’t let NieR: Automata be another unique experience humanity is deprived of because it fades into obscurity. Please help me achieve this, help me make a difference.

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