Justice for Shade who is victim of Prophet Dele Ogundipe and He Should be banned from UK.

Justice for Shade who is victim of Prophet Dele Ogundipe and He Should be banned from UK.

6 August 2020
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Started by Esther Gogo



Prophet Isreal Oladele Ogundipe registered a church in the UK on 23rd march 2018 to scam Nigerians leaving in the united kingdom.  GENESIS GLOBAL CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST registered with misleading information. Prophet Isreal Oladele is not a habitual resident in the united kingdom but claimed he lives in this address12 Samuel Drive, Kemsley, Sittingbourne, United Kingdom, ME10 2GB which was false. Prophet Oladele is a fake prophet based in Lagos Nigeria using Nigeria police force to terrorized vulnerable Nigerian. We are calling on the authority to investigate this church that they used to scam British Nigerians living here in the UK . He is not a licensed pastor he uses a visitor visa to come here to scam in conjunction with another director on his board in the person of Olanipekun Babatunde Samuel that uses his house address to perpetrate all these scams


She was a paragon of beauty not long ago but She now wears a new look which some will consider her scary and frightening, Prophetess Folashade Esther Ogunseye of the Celestial Church Genesis Model Parish Agbado In the midst of the celebration, one of the church workers called Elijah allegedly sprayed perfume known in celestial parlance as Ona La on the dancers while there were lighted candles which some of them were holding, the perfume caught fire and Sade was set ablaze along with three other members who had joined in the celebration. A pastor in the church who had come to rescue them was also affected by the fire.


However, Sade was the worst-hit as she suffered severe burns and still suffers severe damage as a result, and till this day she wonders why such a terrible fate would happen to her.





She warned them not to celebrate the trance she was in that she didn’t want noise, she asked them to pray for her silently, but they did otherwise. Immediately after the incident, Sade and other victims of the fire were rushed to a private hospital near the church then taken to the General Hospital in Orile-Agege the following day for better medical attention from where they were later discharged. While others have made considerable progress and have since returned to the church, Sade could not because of the severity of her condition.






Although she commended the members of the church for taking very good care of her since the incident occurred, she has also sought the support of other well-meaning Nigerian Meanwhile, the Shepherd-In- Charge of the church, Prophet Ogundipe absolved himself of any blame in the incident, claiming Sade should be held responsible for her predicament and condemned Sade’s general attitude to her situation. When Saturday Tribune suggested the idea of paying for reconstructive surgery to Prophet Ogundipe, he said he the church would not foot the bill because the doctors had assured him that the wounds would heal naturally even though the church is quite capable of paying for her surgery, he has now resorted to threatening Shade and has made threats to take care of her as she has become vocal about her predicament. He has threatened court action to Shade when she is the victim simply because she has been speaking up about how the church abandoned her, he has ordered Shade to appear at the police station for questioning when it is evident that the corruption that goes on in the Nigerian Police means that Shade may be tortured and beaten whilst in police custody so as to shut her up, we are therefore urging all citizens to please sign this petition to demand justice for Shade, nothing must happen to her and most importantly For the Celestial church to pay for her reconstructive surgery.


The pastor has now resorted to threatening anyone who dares speak about it. According to Maureen Badejo of GIOtv, "he has threatened me with curses and calamity, etc over the video I did on Genesis’ Parish head, Israel Oladele Ogundipe and Celestial Church of Christ over his battle with my humble self, other platforms have exposed another phone threat by men of Genesis Global Church headed by Isreal Oladele Ogundipe Genesis.

They have even placed threats on me and my family and I am not taking this lightly".

One of Prophet Oladele Ogundipe’s worshippers were also crushed by a car with her kid on December 15, 2019 anniversary, Ronke Popoola, a trader and her two-year-old son were victims of a car accident involving the car of a Genesis Global worshipper, which ran over 4 people towards the end of the highly controversial Ikore (Harvest) of December 15. Ronke whose two-year-old son died four days later is today begging for blood at LUTH and has equally accused Prophet Ogundipe of abandoning her and others to their fate. Not only Ronke’s 2 years old son died, another 11-year-old boy equally died in the hila-Hilo December 15 harvest.

According to the victim, many worshippers came for the harvest, and towards the end of the program, a car lost control and rammed into the newly bought two hectares extension land, provided by the church to accommodate guests, who could not find space in the main auditorium.

Many were said to have been injured in the yanponyanrin crash that also claimed the life of another eleven-year-old boy. Ronke’s two-years-old son, who was also run over by the car, died four days after.

Ronke was rushed to the Ile-Epo General Hospital, from where she was referred to LASUTH. Although she is said to be getting better she also needs justice because the church said it could not render any help because Ronke is not a member of the church, but the Pastor knows how to give other people who are not members money in front of cameras.

Another source called Mama recounted a sordid experience on how the infamous accident happened and how Prophet Ogundipe allegedly denied the owner of the car who is a member of his church.  Dele Ogundipe who attended a CCC, Oshodi Parish harvest recently also had another incident, as he was moving out of the event, his police orderly allegedly fired a shot that killed a father of five children in Shogunle area of Oshodi, Lagos, Till date, that report has been buried and not a word said about it whilst the family seeks justice.

A London-based architect, Mrs. Oladele Williams-Oni, has also narrated how she was defrauded of N17 million by this same man

In her evidence before Justice Olabisi  Akinlade, she told the court that in an attempt to swindle her of her landed property, the prophet allegedly asked her to pay some money, she entrusted this Man with her money to procure some landed property on her behalf because she thought he was a “good pastor,” but was surprised that he

Swindling her. She first met the accused person in 2002 during her visit to Nigeria, when she was taken to his church for prayers by her step-sister,  where she was promised heaven on earth by the church leader. She said: “He told me something about my husband in one of his prophecies, that I should not have anything jointly with him because he was having an affair behind my back. He gave me a liquid to drink and I started vomiting. I was asked to sit down and he lighted a candle and said I should be there until the candle goes off.” According to her, for the prophet to achieve his aim, he allegedly took her in the company of her step-sister and cousin to a bush in the Sango Ota area of Ogun State, where she was allegedly bathed with some concoctions near a river. She said her misfortune started when she returned to London, the prophet asked her to invest in landed property in Lagos, which she agreed. This she did after consultations with some persons. She allegedly sent N17 million in five tranches of N900,000, N2.5 million, N8.5 million, N2.7 million and £12,000 between 2002 and 2005 to purchase the property on her behalf, which turned out to be a fraud.

We are requesting justice for Shade and all the other victims of Prophet Oladele Ogundipe, we are also requesting for him to never be allowed back in the United Kingdom because he has since opened a fraudulent Church in the UK and he is arranging to marry someone illegally to gain British citizenship when he hasn't lived in the UK habitually. Dele must be stopped for good

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