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Stop exploiting the slow loris in Phuket

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Horrific to see that terrified and drugged slow loris are still be used as a prop for drunk and ignorant tourists in Phuket.
There are six species of slow loris, their treat level ranging for vulnerable to critical. The main reason for this is the illegal wildlife trade, along with habitat loss.
When slow lorises are captured, their venomous teeth are removed with pliers without anestetic. 30-90 % die in transport. They are exposed to extremes of light and noise well outside of their natural range causing extreme distress, all for a photo !
It's time the Thai government took a firm stance on this. No more illegal touts operating under the nose of police personnel. Protected species should be exactly that protected ! Tourism is a pillar of the Thai economy, we need to let them know that most visitors do not seek animal cruelty as a form of entertainment, especially when endangered species are involved and it's affecting their international reputation as a tourist hub !

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