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Ban Wahhabism in Pakistan

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The Pakistani nation is under siege from within. Terrorists have created their hub in our beloved Pakistan and there is no sign of them leaving. They have poisoned our youth and ruined the peace of our country. The economy in Pakistan has never been worse. Hearing about attacks all over the country has become the norm; we no longer bat an eye when we hear that people die every day due to terrorist attacks. Pakistan has largely become isolated from the international community thanks to the unending turmoil created by terrorists.

These terrorists claim they are carrying out ‘jihad’ against ‘kafireen (infidels)’. Why then are they destroying the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where a majority of people are Muslims? The answer is Firqa-e-Wahhabiya (the Wahhabi sect), which is funded and sponsored by Saudi Arabia.

Many Pakistanis may be superficially aware of the Wahhabi doctrine. Wahhabis are the ones who cry ‘Shirk!’ whenever Eid Milad un Nabi comes around, who refuse to respect the Prophet Mohammad (saw) more than they would an older brother (naoozabillah). They are the ones who vehemently oppose Sufis. They are the ones who claim their version of Islam is reformed Islam. They are the ones who call for a Wahhabi Islamic caliphate.

The core principles and values of Wahhabism are even more alarming.

What many people do not know is that Wahhabis consider all non-Wahhabi Muslims to be worse than Kafireen.

The entire doctrine of Wahhabism is based on hatred, ego-boosting and disrespect of the Beloved Prophet (saw). Wahhabism was founded in the 18th century by Mohammed Abdul Wahhab Najdi. 

Bear in mind, the Prophet Mohammad (saw) said, ‘A devil with horns will rear his head from Najd.’ Najd is the birthplace of Mohammed Abdul Wahhab.

Mohammed Abdul Wahhab wrote that those who did not believe in his radical ideology had given up their rights to property and life; he further added that their refusal to concede Wahhabism would justify ‘violating their wives and daughters.’ 

This alone was enough to understand how greatly Wahhabism deviates from the original Islam, as the Prophet Mohammad (saw) did not allow rape or the murder of women, children and elders in warfare.

Wahhabism is the brand of Islam that Saudi Arabia practises and exports. It is anti-Islam, anti-humanity and anti-Mohammad (saw).

Since the influence of Saudi Arabia has increased in Pakistan, we have seen a sharp increase in terrorist activity in our country. Unspeakable atrocities are committed everyday against Muslims and non-Muslims alike in Pakistan - and yet the government is silent. 

Pervez Musharraf tried to carry out operations against terrorists by targeting their training centres: Wahhabi mosques. He received much backlash for his operation against Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Islamabad, however today we see that Musharraf was correct. Molvi Abdul Aziz, who is the head of the mosque, openly declares his support for ISIS and the Taliban. He radicalises young women and men with the ideology of hatred.

Nawaz Sharif is a pawn of Saudi Arabia; he is no lesser than a terrorist. He has allowed terrorists to roam freely in Pakistan.

Pakistan Army is carrying out Zarb-e-Azb and we appreciate their efforts to do what the Nawaz Sharif administration refuses to do. However, their efforts will not be fruitful without getting to the core of the issue: Wahhabism.

Every Wahhabi mosque is a terrorist-producing factory.

According to an Urdu proverb, ‘Do not go after the thief. Go after the thief’s mother.’

Today, Pakistanis must raise their voices. Pakistan has suffered enough at the hands of terrorists.

Sign this petition to demand that General Raheel Sharif use the authority of the Pakistan Army to ban Wahhabism in Pakistan and arrest radical Wahhabi leaders like Molvi Abdul Aziz. Let’s take back Pakistan!

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