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    ·       Our mission is to eliminate the unnecessary killing of animals via reformist & friendly animal-welfare programs and ideas. 

    ·       We also want that our efforts will help our community to improve the quality of life for homeless animals and greatly reduce the number of abandoned animals.

    ·       Rescue and adoption of at-risk animals with the help of specialized programs in the case.

    ·       Have partnership and communication with big organizations to help fill in the gaps in No Kill programming.

    ·       Start talks and ways of education in the community to protect homeless animals.

    ·       Grow and develop our revolutionist ideas to help not only domestic animal, we also want to protect wild animals.

    ·       Create a peace of mind program which cares for animals whose owners have passed away, and found lovely people who want to adopt them.


There are about 10 million stray animals living in Colombia. That evens out to about 2 homeless animals for every homeless person in Colombia, doing empty calculations.

Of this 10 million, only about 1 million to 6000 cats and dogs enter the nation’s 2000 shelters every year. The reasons animals end up in shelters are because they’ve been surrendered by their owners or picked up off the street by animal control officers. Around 5 percent of animals entering shelters have been spayed, which is problematic considering one un-spayed female cat and her offspring can produce 320,000 kittens in six years and in just five years, one un-spayed female dog and her offspring can create 56,000 dogs.

¿Do you know what this means? Nearly half of all animals that arrive in Colombian shelters are euthanized because there is a lack of space and people don't adopt to decrease this problem, amounting to roughly 100000 dead animals every year or six out of every ten dogs and five out of every ten cats, that’s like 800 animals per week.

When someone adopts a homeless animal, he/she is saving a life. When someone buys a pet, he/she not only denies a homeless animal a home, he/she is supporting a company that thrives on short-changing the welfare of animals. Dogs and cats are in business to make a profit, so they churn out dogs and cats as speedy as they can. These animals have problems like poor socialization due to lack of human companionship and their almost complete confinement.

If he/she adopts, he/she gets his/her choice of any age. Though little dogs and cats are cute, they can also be many. An adult or older homeless animal may be a better fit for he/she. For example, adopting an adult dog and cat who are already house-trained and know basic rules is often better than a bought pet.

For all the homeless, abandoned, forgotten and unwanted animals, shelters are the only oportunity they get at having a quiet and happy life. And even that oportunity is so low that it breaks our heart.

You see, there is just too many homeless animals all around the world, and it’s no different in Colombia. This is why almost all of organizations and initiations who try to help them end up going over their capacity or just become selective about the type of homeless animals they’re willing to take after. The calculation is simple: without some huge help from the community, local animal shelters can’t help them all.

You’ve maybe teared up at more than a few Facebook or Instagram videos on the amazing transformations of abused animals, or seen an initiative with photos of homeless animals for adoption that made you feel all warm and sad. But, in reality, a huge part of this shoking stories don’t have a great ending.

The reason of this is a lack of funding and community disinterest. Despite their best efforts, this iniciative can’t always manage to help everyone, so we want to help and give our sand grain.