Bring Back Trix Yogurt

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Trix yogurt remains an impressive collaborative effort in the junk food industry canon. The delicious flavors once offered sweet, addicting treats that surely live on in the hearts and minds of all those who ate them way back when. A childhood treat that could fit snugly in a lunchbox, or serve as a welcome afterschool snack before getting homework started; Trix yogurt simply made adolescence more enjoyable to persevere. To know an entire generation of kids have not experienced the delight of Trix yogurt is quite a shame. The recent comeback of Trix cereal's fruit shapes has proved a rousing enough commercial success to suggest a similar result with the return of the branded yogurt. We implore General Mills to once again team with Yoplait to revive the classic Trix Yogurt and introduce a whole new wave of children to the nostalgic craze. And the adults who once loved it, as well. For after all, Trix are for kids, but the love for Trix Yogurt will never vanish from those old enough to recall fond memories of its flavorful bliss.