Justice for NHS Dr Gladys Ngozika Johnson-Ogbuneke

Justice for NHS Dr Gladys Ngozika Johnson-Ogbuneke

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Eminently Qualified Black Woman Trainee Surgeon  Unfairly Struck Off by the GMC #DrGladysJohnsonOgbuneke 

Petitioning General Medical Council
Background: I am Dr Gladys Ngozika Johnson-Ogbuneke, a Registrar Orthopaedics, trainee doctor struck off by the General Medical Council GMC, in April 2015, following serious and unsubstantiated allegations against me, most of which were by NHS Consultant, Mr Christopher Rand (deceased).

This man had harassed in my post of Trainee Registrar Orthopaedic Surgeon  in October 2010. His most frequently cited reason for undermining me was that I was, using his words,  “...a Black female doctor" and therefore unsuited to a career in Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery. At that time I was working at the Princess Royal University Hospital NHS Trust, Bromley.

After I departed to escape his relentless and unfounded criticisms, Dr Rand then remarkably and bizarrely decided to pursue me to my next position at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Stoke-On-Trent, and acting in collaboration with a Mr  (Consultant Paediatric Surgeon), conspired to take me to the GMC in August 2011. I was treated very differently from other British Orthopaedic Registrars whom I had worked with at both Hospitals.

Many foreign trained, Black trainee doctors like the now famous case of Dr Bawa-Garba and now myself, have been disproportionately punished by the GMC, subject to a blame culture and  held to very different standards and as a consequence, new trainees are ‘failing” as a result of the disproportionate and unfair bias we are forced to endure.

I worked in NHS Trust Hospitals for over 14 years and was in good standing with the GMC.

I have excellent letters of attestations of my work from a range of Consultants and Professors in Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery both in the UK and the USA. In August 2008,

I took up an International Trauma Orthopaedic Fellowship program at the University of Louisville Hospital, Kentucky USA.  I carried out ground breaking research [1] My Paper was accepted and I presented my research findings at the European Orthopaedics Research Society EORS/AO Summit, in Davos Switzerland in June 2010.

The outcome of my research, alongside others, was to change a 50-years-old NHS policy and practice in ankle trauma management in the NHS Trust Hospitals. Ironically, the GMC has allowed the full implementation of this Research Protocol, value of which provides to the NHS Trust Hospitals, nearly £5 million gains yearly in savings for each of the over 200 NHS Trust Hospitals in the United Kingdom.  

Sadly, the General Medical Council has ridiculed my efforts, made me a ‘bad doctor’ and struck me off from the medical registrar, thus preventing me from enjoying any part of the benefit of my work, and completing my training.

Aim:  I am seeking an appeal at the Courts with legal representation to challenge the decision of the Medical Practitioner’s Tribunal Service (MPTS) to strike me off the medical register, relying on the balance of probability, rather than on actual clinical works and patients’ records.  

Secondly, I wish to petition the GMC, through you, with the support of the UK Public and others, to review the harsh and disproportionate disciplinary sanctions that unfairly targets black doctors. 

Such discrimination destroys our careers and is, I believe, contrary to the statutory provisions in the Equality Act (2010).  On two occasions, the GMC took me to the Manchester High Court, before HHJ Pelling (25/09/2014) and HHJ Waksman (05/01/ 2015). The learned Judges reminded the GMC that as “a trainee doctor” I ought “to be allowed to complete training, under the supervision of Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons”. The GMC took no notice of the Orders of Judgement, and proceeded to array me before the MPTS hearing in March 2015 and in doing so, unfairly took away my right to learn, and to practice medicine in the UK.

The GMC failed to take note of the attestations of my work for over a period of two years at the Heart of England Foundation Trust, Birmingham (December 2011 to July 2014), but insisted that I be struck off for works done between October 2010 and June 2011 preferring the assessment of Dr Rand, whom I had worked with for less than four weeks after I returned to UK, from my US programme.

In the light of the outcome of the Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba’s Case (August 2018) in that the Court of Appeal, ruled that trainee doctors are to learn and not blamed, I continue my quest for justice for my career and for others. In both cases, the GMC and MPTS Panel, concluded against us, despite objective evidence being available. The GMC conclusions are in stark contrast to the findings found in the patients’ clinical notes and negated the contributions of other doctors to any of the case(s).

I challenge the GMC to make available my own anonymised clinical patient notes showing the quality of my work with all my patients, and to treat me in the same way as all other British trainee doctors. 

I take this stand not only for me, but for all the hardworking medical doctors (whether Black, Asian, White, Ethnic minority, Male or Female) who have been punished by GMC using the  balance of probability proof, rather than findings in patient’s clinical note, and proof against all reasonable doubts, being struck off the medical registrar.

For more information email: drgladysjo@outlook.com 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!