PMHCouncil MUST dig up and dispose of the whale carcass buried on Nobbys Beach URGENTLY!

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On Monday evening, 18th September 2017, the PMHCouncil buried the carcass of a dead whale on Nobby's Beach Port Macquarie.

Nobby's Beach is approximately 500m from Flynn's Beach. Flynn's is one of three patrolled beaches in Port Macquarie and home to one of the town's two SLSC - Surf Life Savings clubs as well as two surf schools.

As we have seen, the dead whale increased shark activity, particularly Great White's, significantly (that's an understatement) and represents a huge physical threat to Port Macquarie locals and tourists alike. It is an issue that will be long term. The buried carcass and seepage of whale oil etc from a decomposing 18-tonne carcass will attract sharks for years and years to come. The NSW government is currently funding a study on the very issue.

Was the decision made because it was the easiest? or cheapest? What price a human life? What price the economic impact of sharks, particularly Great White's, hanging around over the next 10 years?

School holidays are a matter of days away. Council MUST act now to remove the carcass and contaminated sand / soil as a matter of URGENCY.

For balance here is Councils "Official Media Release":

19 September 2017
A decision was taken late yesterday by Council in consultation with National Parks and Wildlife Service staff and ORCCA, to bury the beached whale carcass in a deep hole at the back of Nobbys beach. This decision was considered the option of last resort.
“Council acknowledges concerns being voiced today around public safety and I want to assure our community that the decision to bury the whale was not taken lightly,” said Council Director Matt Rogers.
The deceased whale was washed up on Nobbys Beach yesterday morning. Port Macquarie-Hastings Council and National Parks and Wildlife Service staff attended the site, and with the assistance of Marine Rescue, attempted to tow the whale out to sea. Regrettably, the whale was caught among rocks and was not able to be moved at all. Marine Rescue deemed the prevailing and forecast winds made conditions too dangerous and further attempts were abandoned.
Having assessed all other options to dispose of the carcass with National Parks and Wildlife Service staff, an excavator was manoeuvred onto the beach. This was in itself a risky operation noting the terrain, and fact that Nobbys Beach is inaccessible to vehicles. It was a difficult operation to move the carcass out of the rocks, noting it was estimated to weigh 20 tonnes and began to break up when moved.
A hole was dug into clay material at the back of the beach, and the carcass was buried with 2.0m of clay and sand cover.
Acting Mayor, Lisa Intemann said the whole situation was regrettable.
“I understand the whale died after being caught up in fishing ropes, the effect of which caused its demise. Council consulted with all appropriate agencies and has adopted the only reasonable option in the circumstances.”
Port Macquarie beaches remain closed until further notice.

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