Defend free speech - A call to Dendy Cinemas to screen The Red Pill movie.

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Defend free speech - A call to Dendy Cinemas to screen The Red Pill movie.

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Talkhub Studios started this petition to General Manager – Dendy Cinemas Newtown and

Dendy Cinemas has joined the shameful list of Australian companies caving into the lies told by feminist extremists.

Dendy has just announced they will cancel The Red Pill, a movie about men’s lives which was due to be screened in Newtown next week. Tickets for the screening have been sold out for weeks.  

Last year Australia became the only country in the world where movie theatres have been bullied into banning this movie.

The Red Pill is a documentary by feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye who set out to attack men’s rights activists but ended up exploring why important issues about the lives of men and boys so rarely get proper attention. Click here for more information on Men's Issues.

The Red Pill is receiving world-wide acclaim – in the US it is currently the #1 Documentary on Google Play.

Yet planned screenings for October 2016 in Australia were cancelled after extremist promoted lies about the contents of the movie, alleging it promoted violence and misogyny. Cinema owners received death threats and had their businesses attacked.

Social commentator Bettina Arndt has been working to organise screenings across the country through Fan-Force – an organisation which allows people to see whatever movies they choose.

The April 26 screening of The Red Pill at The Dendy in Newtown was the first Australian screening to sell out, although other events are planned across the country through large cinema chains like Hoyts, Event and Village.

The Dendy decision shows an appalling disregard for their mainstream audience of men and women who were keen to see this movie. Men and women who realise that men matter too!

Feminist extremists have loud voices but they have no right to determine what other people in this free country choose to see.    

Sign the petition to protest this blatant attack on free speech. 

And even more important, urgently book into other Red Pill screenings – don’t let the wicked witches win!

Click here to watch a preview on YouTube.


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This petition had 888 supporters

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