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'Bring back ban on plastic bags'

A circular imposing a ban on all plastic bags and food wrapped in plastic was issued by the General Manager of Central Railways on May 21. 

The ban was put in effect as plastics choke drains near railway stations and tracks during rains, in turn affecting the smooth running of trains. However surprising everyone the ban was revoked allegedly after GM of Central Railways came under pressure from different quarters.

Though Mr. Jain himself claimed once that around five lakh bags were sold in 200 stalls on the Central Railways Network and of those nearly 50% were littered on the tracks, compartments and stations.

The ban on plastics had improved cleanliness in the stations. According to estimates around 2.5 lakh wrappings were found less on the premises ever since the ban came into effect.

We are calling on General Manager of Central Railways to bring back the ban imposed on plastics and ensure smooth running of trains. Please sign and share this petition.


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'Bring back Central Railways ban on plastic bags'


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