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DDLG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl), DDLB (Daddy Dom/Little Boy), MDLG (Mommy Dom/Little Girl) and MDLB (Mommy Dom/Little Boy) are sexual kinks that recreates a scenario which involves pedophilia, where the male acts as the "father" or the "son" depending on its role and the girl as the "daughter" or the "mum", and this cannot be tolerated in ANY WAY, and such thing is very popular in an app called "Geeking" which was made for the purpose of creating a community which enjoys Roleplaying.

A small part of this community is sickened and appalled by this kink as it is highly sponsored and discussed in every corner of this social, and therefore we ask to the Developers to ban it in order to restore a healthy community. 

Our ideas to restore this healthy community are:

1) Ban Groups that enjoy, talk and encourages users to roleplay with such kinks.

2) Ban Users who have their profiles set only for the purpose of those type of Roleplay.

3) Censor the following words: ddlg, mdlg, ddlb, mdlb, d.dlg, d.dlb, m.dlg, m.dlb, dd.lg,, md.lg,, ddl.g, ddl.b, mdl.g, mdl.b, daddy, mommy, d.addy, m.ommy, da.ddy, mo.mmy, papi, mami, choke, whip, strangle, fuck, spank, pound.

4) Encourage the developers to take further actions to make the whole app "cleaner" by censoring any words that contain sexual meanings and such.


We will put all our effort on it, but alone is barely impossible, so I invite whoever supports our idea to sign this petition in order to let us use this app in a healthier way.


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