BORDERLANDS pre order for STEAM!

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The Epic game store paid to have Borderlands 3 on their almost featureless store/launcher and there are no pre order options for Steams later release date.
The EGS lacks features, quality, and is paying publishers to delay games on certain stores in hopes to bolster their users.

Offer a pre order+extras for Steam and its later release date.

I started this petition because...
A fan of the Borderlands universe and avid gamer. I have been watching many games get bought out by EGS for timed exclusivity trying to strong arm gamers over to their less than ready game store/launcher. This is not what the community needs. If you have a great service, we will go and seek it out. If you pay lots of money to publishers to make fans of established franchises wait 6 months to a year to play said game on their preferred launcher, we wont like your service based on principal alone.