Re-Home Homeless Ex Service Personnel

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The plight of so many ex-service personnel living on the streets of the UK who once defended our nation within conflicts and theaters of war.  Why isn't enough being done to re-home these individuals and why has it escalated to such a high number living on the streets.  These are individuals who whilst the nation slept in comfort and safety were deployed to fight for the crown and country.  They fought and served with pride and honour but are now living rough on our streets not knowing where their next meal is coming from, where they will sleep in safety, ignored by the general public on a daily basis, to which a lot are turning to crime or suicide for a way out.

Why are we not opening up once closed barracks to these individuals where they can stay for food and shelter? These individuals deserve so much more than the plight and struggles they are undergoing.  They were hailed as heroes within the wars and conflicts they served in, so where as a nation has our moral compass gone for these heroes?