Allow Privately Owned Gyms to Re-Open with Social Distancing standards in California

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My name is Zack Bartell and I own a small gym in Irvine, California called SoCal Powerlifting. Our facility was ordered to close last March and has since received no support from national or local governments to sustain. Since then, we have had to pivot and work with most of our clientele online to continue to pay our bills and remain standing.

Gavin Newsom stated today that "gyms" will be part of "stage 3" in the re opening of California, after businesses and schools are handled. I have stated it "would be a matter of months versus weeks" for stage 3 to take place.

However, it is quite irresponsible to blanket all gyms with this notion, and not seperate the large corporate gyms from the small privately owned gyms.

As a private gym owner, it would be very easy for us to maintain safety standards set forth by local, national, and state governments and allow our coaches to work, clients to maintain good health, and operations to continue in some capacity with the right precautions in place.

This petition is asking for Gavin Newsom, the governor of California to classify gyms differently based on size and structure, so that some may re open with the proper standards in place to protect the people of our state, while also allowing them to maintain and improve their health.