Gas companies: stop gouging Squamish residents!

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Call to Action:
Squamish residents are being unfairly targeted by opportunistic and profit-hungry gas companies, and it needs to stop. Citizens are paying just as much as people in Metro Vancouver, but without the benefit of expanding public transit infrastructure.

Sign this petition so that we can collectively send a message to the Competition Bureau and to our elected officials at all levels of government; we need action to ensure that Squamish district residents are treated fairly by gas companies.

Squamish is not subject to Metro Vancouver’s TransLink tax; however, despite having a total gas tax that comes in around 11¢/L less than our neighbours, people living in Squamish are still paying Metro Vancouver-like gas prices, when we should be seeing prices like in Pemberton. We are seeing gas companies use this tax gap as a chance to gouge us.

With Greyhound services discontinuing across Western Canada, Squamish residents are going to see key travel connections throughout the Sea-to-Sky disappear, without current public transit infrastructure in place to make up the difference. We’re being left high and dry.

While municipalities are starting to step up with long-term plans for building out our public transit system, we need a combination of price relief and new infrastructure to make sure that Squamish is receiving the same treatment as our neighbouring communities. If we are paying the increased cost, it should be benefiting regional transit solutions.