Administration Endorsed Bullying Has No Place In School

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     "In my experience, the kids who get bullied are not really good friends. [They tend to annoy people, maybe without knowing it, but usually they do know it.]"

     This is the statement recently made by Principal Luke Zedwick of Centennial Elementary School in Scio, Oregon, in regards to the issue of bullying. The assertion that bullied children are at fault for the treatment they are subject to by those who actively choose to intimidate, threaten, belittle, and harass their classmates, is not only nonsensical, but also completely inappropriate and irresponsible from someone in a leadership position. Zedwick's YouTube channel, on which he first made these statements public, also details within the same video a segment encouraging parents of bullied children to, "Teach their children how to be less annoying". 

     Every child deserves an equal and fair opportunity to learn - opportunities that cannot afford to be compromised by an administration that justifies bullying because some children are "annoying." Furthermore, each and every child is entitled to feel safe while pursuing their education, something that comes under threat when a child cannot be free from harassment and bullying. 

Luke Zedwick has no business as a role model for young children, and should resign from his position as principal of Centennial Elementary School.

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