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Ban Aerial Fireworks

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Each year around the 4th of July we celebrate our countries birthday with parades, carnivals, rodeos and of course, fireworks. The Stadium of Fire is one of the most beloved 4th of July traditions here in Utah County. A collection of entertainment and professional firework show that is hosted by professionals in a controlled setting. That is the way fireworks should be enjoyed. 

Uncontrolled aerial fireworks are causing mayhem all over this beautiful state and it is time to ban them once again. The effect these fireworks are having on our community is detrimental. Every year we see stories of house fires, wild fires, animals fleeing in fright, horrible air pollution and veterans suffering from PTSD, struggling though the firework season. A few hours of bright explosions in the sky seem hardly worth the abundant destruction left behind. 

This year alone there have been hundreds of calls, all over the state, to local police departments due to firework related problems. Apartment complexes and acres of fields are burning down. People are losing their homes due to reasons they had no control of. Standing in your yard with a garden hose, spraying ashes from aerial fireworks to prevent them from lighting your home on fire is outrageous. Several people have awoken to the smell of smoke and later watched their homes in flames as they rush themselves and families to safety. Having very enthusiastic neighbors who enjoy lighting off several thousands of dollars worth of professional fireworks, leaves us with ash and debris all over our home and yard. Although we haven't had a fire yet, I feel its only a matter of time if things continue like this. A bucket and garden hose are not sufficing as safety precautions.

With small children and dogs in our home, we watch as they are bothered by something they don't understand. The fireworks are loud and invasive. It is frustrating to try and soothe our babies from something we cannot stop. Although negative, the short term effects these residential aerial fireworks have on my children and pets, are nothing compared to the trauma other individuals are suffering through. Veterans. 

A major, highly overlooked, problem with these bright bombs bursting in air, is the effect they have on the people who have fought for our freedom. Knowing a good friend of ours cant sleep for weeks, due to the reckless use of aerial fireworks, continually sending him back to war, is heartbreaking. There are many veterans who suffer from PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after serving our country. These men and women fight for our freedom and yet come home to an unintentional reckless use of pyrotechnics. Something citizens view as fun and patriotic, is in fact harmful to those who give us the very right to light up the sky.

Please, lets join together as a community and put an end to the preventable damage being caused all over this majestic state we call home. 

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