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Iowa hawkeyes football to fire Kirk Ferentz and hire Bob Stoops

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Kirk Ferentz and family have taken enough from the University of Iowa without the results most other  university's hold their head coaches to. ONE super good perfect season (and that was mainly due to letting go of his tired old methods, but as soon as we made the Big 10 Championship game, the return of the  old Kirk way of coaching cost us a victory) and Barta runs right out and extends his contract for 10 years and gives Ferentz the ability to also have a say in our next head coach which is NOT ok. Ferentz hired his son to be our offensive line coach when he was unqualified for the position and everyone knows he is being groomed to be HANDED the head coaching spot when he gets around to stepping down! Any other head coach would have long since been fired for the mediocre football Iowa has played for a decade. His buyout is a whopping $22 million dollars, one of the highest in NCAA, ensuring Kirk has us over a barrel for years to come. FERENTZ refuses to take responsibility for egregious coaching errors of late and the play of the game has passed him by. Are we not tired of run run run up the middle and punt? The other Big 10 teams have got our number...or they have Kirks number but he refuses to change. 

Recent former HAWKEYE and one time coach Bob Stoops has said he'd love to give the HC job a shot. It's time we parted ways with Ferentz and gave someone else a shot. It's time to stop celebrating mediocrity in Iowa City. It's time to stop playing every season with just a bowl game as our goal, which has turned into one giant participation award. What do we have to lose fellow fans? Stop being afraid of change and let's say goodbye to Ferentz and his giant ego, his nepotism and his worn out style of play calling and give someone a else a chance to lead Iowa into the future. Please support my effort to stop letting Barta and wealthy alumni dictate Iowa's football program for generations without EARNING the rewards they receive. It's time for a new era in Iowa football. YOU ONLY WILL HAVING A WINNING PROGRAM WHEN YOU TAKE A CHANCE AND MOVE FORWARD.


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