NPC.GetEnemy Consistency Change

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As of recently, Rubat, a developer of Garry's Mod, made a change to the game that has completely broken all SNPC mods and most custom-vanilla NPC mods. These changes are completely unnecessary and are game breaking for more than 1,000,000 users (Yes, we did the math) in the community. Rubat has of course, been reluctant when it comes to us trying to get him to fix his "mistakes" that break your favorite mods. The point of this petition is to get his attention in hopes he might actually revert these changes.

Changes shown here by Rubat (One's we're looking at are near the bottom):

You can also view the GitHub here:

Please, as a fellow Garry's Mod player, we need your help. We need to save our mods now before they're broken for a very long time. Show Rubat that we care about our mods.

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