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Judge Frances M. Giordano, of the Essex County Family & Probate Court in Salem, MA, does not follow the U.S. Supreme Court’s mandate that parents have a Constitutional right to equally co-parent their children unless they are proven to be unfit.  She often removes or grossly restricts one parent (frequently the Father) from his/her children’s lives without sufficient cause.  She disregards competent and credible witness testimony and/or other evidence that does support her bias towards one parent (frequently the Mother).  This biased Judge does not encourage or support equal co-parenting, joint custody, the use of a neutral parenting coordinator (to get divorced parents out of the costly and unduly combative court system and into a mediated dispute resolution setting where they can better learn to resolve parenting disagreements), or give any regard to the true best interests of the children.  She completely disregards the current guidance of the child psychology and well being field, which irrefutably supports the numerous benefits of equal parenting and custody arrangements, and the indisputable fact that children of divorce overwhelming want both parents closely and actively involved in raising them.  In fact, she will not even listen to the voice of the children.

This Judge frequently issues Orders that directly harm and hurt children by attempting to completely prevent one parent from having any voice or involvement in key parental decisions such as choice of school, extracurricular activities, summer camp participation, choice of, and extent of, medical care, and the like.  She regularly issues Contempt findings against the parent she dislikes and awards inappropriate legal fees against that parent to punish them, without any consideration on the ability of that parent to pay such fees, much less the harm it causes the children by depriving them of future resources for college education, savings, etc.

Her decisions and gender-biases harm children, Fathers and Mothers here in Massachusetts. Judge Giordano’s actions cause further hurt and strife in post-divorce families that are trying to heal, move forward, and do the best they can for their children and themselves.  Parents – not judges (like Giordano) – can, should, and must decide what is best for their children.

As Massachusetts citizens and parents, we deserve and expect better Judges than Judge Fran Giordano.  Our children deserve better too.  We deserve and demand intelligent, unbiased, reflective, and pro-family divorce court Judges that can put aside the “he said, she said” contentious and painful nature of divorce, and focus on protecting the Constitutional rights of both parents to equally raise their children, as well as be educated on, and support, the numerous and irrefutable benefits to the children of having both of their parents equally and actively involved in their lives, post divorce.

Please join our movement and urge Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to remove Judge Frances M. Giordano from the bench, and replace her with a better Judge who respects the U.S. Constitution, is pro-family, and makes decisions that help heal a divorced family and benefit children, not destroy families, hurt children, and improperly punish good parents.

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