Make it illegal to not stop and report if you have run over a cat

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There is currently a law making it illegal not to stop and report if you have run over a dog, however there is no such law for cats, even though they are domestic animals too.

Please help us change this and ensure cats are protected in the same way.

The death of Ely's beloved supermarket cat, Mr Sainsbury's, aka Garfield has highlighted the urgent need for a law to make it illegal to not stop and report if you have hit a cat . 

Garfield, who was a social media star , with his own facebook page and own book, brought much delight to many shoppers and readers. He was tragically hit by a car in the car park and only found later by some bushes. Sadly, the vets were unable to save Garfield.

Many cats are  unfortunately hit by cars everyday  and then left to die and suffer on the side of the road.

Please sign this petition and help us make it illegal not to stop. This will reduce the amount of suffering for an injured animal and it’s owners too. 

Leaving an injured animal  to suffer is extremely cruel . If reported , vets can make the most humane decision for the animal right away.

If micro-chipped, the owners can be contacted immediately. 

If the animal has died , it should still be reported so that owners can be contacted . It is emotionally torturous not knowing what has happened to your pet .

Please sign and help us reduce unnecessary prolonged suffering for beloved pets and their owners.

Thank you