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Two days for motorcycle CBT course.

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The Safety of motorcyclists is paramount. The development of the CBT was purposed to give a fundamental ability to ride safely and gain experience independently, however this objective is impeded as a result of the understanding that the CBT course can be completed in a day. This is resulting in:

Fatigued new riders exposing themselves out on the road.

Pressured instructors trying to balance safety, trainees expectation and DVSA requirements.

ATB's trying to make a business viable while ensuring safety.

As a result this course is encouraging trainees and instructors to forsake safety for the limitations of time.

The introduction of unannounced visits by the DVSA to address this problem is only breaking down relationships between them and the course providers and doing little to address the problem.

A two day course would allow time for all aspects of the course to be completed safely, as a result:

Safety would be maintained/improved

Two hour road rides would be adhered to.

Trainee competence would be improved.

Business remains viable.

DVSA work load reduced and customer relations would remain intact.

Also CBT renewals should be allowed to only attend day two and therefore not interferre with new learner progress.

This move is can be made without changes to the legal requirements of the course, the implementation would be simple and the results would be in favour of all parties.

As this has been considered by the DVSA already surely this should be put into place with immediate effect.





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