Prosecutions for those involved in the abuse of the German shephard Limerick on 01/05/19

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  • Today 01/05/19 horrific footage emerged online of a poor German Shephard dog being abused at a halting site in Limerick.

Thankfully the dog in question is now in the care of Limerick Animal welfare.

We are disgusted of the levels of ongoing abuse towards animals and in particular in Limerick. 

In this particular case there is clear video footage available showing who abused this dog and what abuse was done. 

We want prosecution of those guilty of animal abuse

Proper and adequate legislation to protect animals from abuse. 

Tighter controls around the issuing of licences to breeders

An end to puppy farming 

Ban on the sale of animals on sites like done deal

We want proper legislation to enable councils to govern what pets and animals their tenants  can have in council houses and on halting sites.

We want all people treated equally under law regardless of ethnicity 

If no prosecution is forthcoming in this particular case of abuse, we want a detailed and public explanation as to why