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Skaven rules: Clawpacks and Clanrat battleline option for all Skaven Clans are needed.

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As of General's Handbook 2017 many Skaven Clans have been struggling to keep up with the Meta game. I'm sure seeing huge model losses due to battleshock is something that is familiar to many Skaven players. The new rulebook has simply stripped us from too many hero characters and synergy tools such as Clawpacks. That is why I have now started this petition to see if more players feel the same that something has to change to balance out the gameplay for Skaven in general, perhaps if we gather enough signatures we could request Games Workshop if they are willing to update some rules for us a bit by giving us some well-needed options back.

The thing Skaven suffer the most from right now is their lack of synergy with other clans, as well as their low bravery.

2 fixes that require little to no work to implement would make Skaven at the very least a contender army for tournament play again:

1. Allow Clanrats to contain a keyword of the Clan they are fighting for - Skryre, Moulder, Verminus, etc, so that they can be taken as a battleline option for each clan. This would help fulfil battleline roles for most Clans, especially Skryre.

2. Give players the Clawpacks back in some shape or form, even with modified point cost, so that clans have some options available to them. Clan Verminus especially would have their bravery issue fixed by doing so, and I believe that the Verminus, Eshin and Moulder Clawpacks would be a huge boost to the corresponding Clans in general.

I am sure that allowing these rules to become tournament legal would mean a huge deal and partially fix issues for us Skaven players!

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