Games Workshop to investigate recycling for their sprues in store

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We are all becoming more aware of our effect on the environment. Recently, 250 companies have pledged to reduce their plastic waste. Lego, for example, recycle their in-production waste, which is in all likelihood part of Games Workshop's process as well; but by the nature of the product, Games Workshops brilliant models leave a large amount of plastic waste at the consumer level.

In an effort to reduce waste and inefficiency in the recycling process, my suggestion is that stores have a scheme to collect leftover sprue that's returned to them by the consumer.

I'm not necessarily suggesting all plastic is shipped back to Nottingham UK (where it was first manufactured), which a lot of people who react negatively to my proposal appear to think of as the only solution on the table- but perhaps where viable, the stores could act as a focal point to get the material to facilities that can handle it, as unfortunately not every local council here in the UK will actually process it.

Plastic can be broadly speaking of 7 different types to manage, and as things are it isn't necessarily true that everyone has a local recycling scheme that can handle it properly, so I feel the company setting up such a scheme for this single plastic type mean it is recycled more efficiently than going into local schemes.

Personal story
I have been a keen modeller for well over twenty years, mainly with Games Workshop's product, theirs being one of the best quality in the market. Over the years my waste plastic from this product has increased with the shift from metal to plastic as the main media, and our increasing awareness of our environmental impact means I feel this needs to be addressed more directly.

The company has in recent years proven itself to be a more approachable and caring entity, and I hope this petition is accepted with the good intentions in which it was created understood; that if it is taken on board and acted upon, then we can all be that bit more responsible whilst enjoying the hobby.