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Stop discriminating against online-only retailers

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Games Workshop has asked Australia's watchdog, the ACCC, for permission to forbid online retailers from stocking their products.

If they succeed, it will mean the closure of Australian online stores, as well as forcing Australian players to pay higher prices.

Anybody who lives in Australia already knows that everything costs more. It's called "The Australia Tax", and it means that companies get to make obscene profits by marking up their products for Australians, especially electronics, movies and software. Games Workshop do exactly the same: all of their products in Australia cost 50 - 150% more than they do in other territories for no justifiable reason -- even digital products like eBooks which have no shipping costs and don't actually exist.

Games Workshop have already enforced unprecedented, draconian restrictions on their retailers in the northern hemisphere which prevent them from selling to players in Australia. Why? Because Australian players were buying directly from overseas and saving too much money.

They've since gone a step further, and forced all their retailers in the northern hemisphere to have a physical store presence, or to stop selling their products. Now they're trying to do the same in Australia. They say it's because online stores are "free riders" who don't contribute anything to the community, but the reality is that it's anti-competitive and it's designed to ensure they can charge high prices.

This petition is designed to show the ACCC that there is broad community concern around Games Workshop's move to cut out online retailers in Australia. If the ACCC can see that this move will lessen competition in the market, and that enough people are worried by Games Workshop's actions, they may deny or overturn Games Workshop's application.

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