" Love for my Black Templars ! "

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Ehy Guys from the studio and from the GW team.

The letter that you are now reading has been elaborated by the community of Black Templars players from different part of the world. First of all we would like to thank you for what have you been doing in these last months for the players, for the game of Warhammer 40k and more.
In the last year and a half we have noted a new and positive attitude from your part, introducing some new possibilities, listening even more to our, players and fans, opinions and inviting us to give suggestion directly on your work, and we are really grateful. If these lines were written, it is precisely because there is hope that you can take them into consideration, read the words of your followers.
Hence, why today should a player choose to play Black Templars? "Because the Emperor call us to the sacred duty of conquering the galaxy in His name". But also because the Black Templars, despite all the cuts to their special rules during the past editions, despite the passing of the years, kept a well-defined identity, thanks also to their recurring presence in several works as: graphic novels, stories of the Black Library, numerous well-known campaigns in the 40k warhammer imaginary. Not to mention their role as a “poster-boy” for space marines in the past. In terms of play it is possible, thanks to their chapter trait, to organize a strategy based on our strengths: the deep strike and the use of special characters.
This is what I would have answered with certainty until a few days ago, even if the comparison with the other chapters of the Codex Space Marines was already difficult at that time. However, we were able to be, in some cases, superior to them in combat only thanks to our named characters, while continuing to maintain the classic gaps as our historical lacks (f.e. missing a psychic phase). The Codex Blood Angels has been released these days and in doing so, every reason to play Black Templars has been virtually canceled, excluding the pure and simple love for the background. Red Thirst, Black Rage, some relics (The Veritas Vitae, Standard of Sacrifice), some stratagems (Forlorn Fury, Strike of the Archangels, Upon Wings of Fire, Descent of Angels), the possibility of taking librarians (also Dreadnought, flying) , characters (Lemartes) and more. The strengths of the Black Templars do not stand comparison. I could bore you with every kind of comparison in terms of statistics, percentage or performance but I know that you are perfectly able to make any comparison on your own and I do not want to put the question in mathematical terms only, because it is not just that. Now Black Templars have lost their role: everything in which they excelled now someone else does better. Someone might suggest "then play blood angels", here, this is not an option, not for the proud (and fanatical) Black Templars players, because we do not want to abandon our army, our Background, our heroes. But at the same time we would like to return to make sense as we had editions before and now we have other chapters that, despite not having their own codex, excel in their specialties. The ideas, the proposals could be many, from new stratagems that replace the old wonderful votes, the many exclusive relics of which the Black Templars were equipped, the special rules for the crusader squad and the veterans (vanguard, sternguard, company veterans and terminator) they would certainly help a little, to restore the force lost at the Eternal Crusade and to compensate for the lack of librarians. In addition, the players and all hobbyists agree to be inclined to the most diverse and various options: whether it is a digital supplement, or pdf files, to overdo a supplement even on paper. The already mentioned enthusiasts are ready, willing and literally eager (as also demonstrated in the recent questionnaire) to buy these new hypothetical products and rules, and probably what would result would be an increase in purchases of existing coversion kit, Specials characters set coul be made anew, maybe also Black Templars Sword Brethern?
In conclusion, what the players and hobbyist Black templars ask, is"love for my Black Templars."
“ There is only the Emperor, and he is our shield and protector.

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