Make Borderlands 3 Available on Steam and other PC Platforms

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2K have made Borderlands 3 exclusive to Epic Store for PC players until April 2020 (7 months after it releases everywhere else), despite the massive outcry and an overwhelmingly large proportion of fans who strongly protest this. Though Epic lets the developers take a larger share of sales, this is still a terrible idea. Epic store has nowhere near the user-friendly features of Steam, it has been hacked multiple times, it has been widely accused of being spyware, the customer service is appalling and is generally poor. Despite this, by spending a large sum of money, they are forcing users to download their launcher and make an account with the system. 2K has sold out shamelessly, in a move that will most likely see them make less profit than if it was on Steam. Game exclusivity is a nasty, anti-consumer idea, and it is not fair to the huge part of the Borderlands community who already have every game on Steam, don’t feel safe downloading the Epic Launcher or for other reasons are against this. This is not a call to take it off Epic Store. This is a call to sell it on all PC platforms from the beginning and give players the opportunity to make a choice. I, for one, refuse to buy the game until it hits Steam, and I have been a massive fan for years. 

Also as an afterthought, this is extremely unfair to the players in countries who don’t have access to the Epic Store. Another reason why this is a terrible idea!

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