Petition calling for the Permanent Removal of Tokens-Only Upgrades

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We, the players, respectfully demand that Gameloft SE, the developer & publisher, permanently remove Tokens-Only Upgrades for all the new vehicles in the current Summer 2018 Update AND for ALL future Updates to come in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Let us reiterate - permanently.

We have politely asked on a previous occasion (the 2017 Munich Update) that Gameloft either remove Tokens-Only Upgrades, or compromise and allow an option for Upgrades using both Credits and/or Tokens.

You have reneged on your promise as a developer and a business to your customers and we are voicing our extreme dissatisfaction with your actions.

Tokens-Only Upgrades are NOT a feasible feature to have in-game where Tokens themselves are not readily available for the high prices that these Token-Only Upgrades require.
They are in effect ruining the core gameplay experience of upgrading vehicles for experienced and new players alike. They make Events nigh-impossible to complete and are detrimental to players' progress.

We won't buy. We'll stop playing. Less players, less ad placements, less money for you.

Please take actions to revert your decisions. We can NOT stress this enough. Please bring the Credits Upgrades back.

We also urge Gameloft to reverse the recent 50% reduction in Pro Kit Fusion Points for the same reasons as above. They now give only half the rewards for twice the effort. This is unsustainable in the long term.

Finally, please change the now Tokens-Only vehicles that used to be available for Credits, back to Credits. The current Tokens-Only option is discouraging to both experienced and new players. It is very difficult to buy and upgrade vehicles now as they are too expensive.


We, the undersigned, are concerned players urging Gameloft to revert their decisions as of the current 2018 Summer Update, in order to foster a fairer and more feasible gameplay experience for the consumers.

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