general game improvements and more leagues in NHL games

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Full Franchise  mode with all leagues as part of it so you can start in any league in the world like you can do on Fifa would be good for be a pro . roster sharing would be a great idea other games use this feature allow people to edit teams so their up to date or share custom teams so on .Custom tournaments so you can make international tournaments if you ain’t going to add real international tournament like World Cup and winter olympics and option to make club tournaments.  real iihf kits is embarrassing seeing generic kits  Winter classic outdoor games also all stars game plus skills competition loads fans asking for gm connected . more customisation for sticks goalie mask so on . more leagues for fans in european nations as you already sell copies in Russia , France, Norway . Britain Why not add their  leagues if you selling the game in them countries many fans from them nations don't get to play with the team they follow from their local league .

GM connected  

Full franchise mode with european leagues included like fifa so you can start anywhere in the world not just the nhl 

All stars game and competition 

Roster sharing share custom teams and updated team files 

outdoor games ,  winter classic 

custom tournaments  . club or international  

more customisation goalie helmets names on sticks so on . 

add more european leagues for european fans that buy the game 

EIHL Uk hockey league 

Ligue Magnus French hockey league

Get Ligaen  Norway hockey league 

KHL Russian hockey league

PC port for pc gamers

 if not going add these leagues  do a pc port so people can add their own leagues and teams and helps with roster sharing