Get Dan to play through the rest of Skyward Sword

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The YouTube channel Game Grumps has recently started a playthrough on Skyward Sword, and although it can be entertaining, the show’s co-host who is playing the game, Arin Hanson lacks the skill to play the game, is constantly making questionable mistakes, and repeatedly blaming it on the game instead of own up to his own mistakes, and these issues have lead to a less than usually entertaining series. This issue has been constant in other playthroughs of theirs, and many fans feel it is time for a change. If the other co-host of the show Dan Avidan were to take over the playthrough, it would be a much more enjoyable and entertaining playthrough given that Dan isn’t as knowledgeable of the game and has a more unbiased opinion of the game that will lead to an improved and much more entertaining play through.