no epic exclusives

no epic exclusives

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Duke Silver started this petition to Game Devs and

So as we all know epic has been stealing games by making them all exclusives. So i thought we should do something about that.

So my idea is simple. By voting you swear not to buy any games on the epic store. If we get enough votes and people really dont buy the epic exclusives we can change the world of gaming for the better. So vote and wait till the games release on steam.

But epic thinks they can just buy games and have exclusives. They force our hands. Not into buying their games but by voting against epics shitty business.

I just hate the epic launcher and the way they are doing business. First off all there is the locking games up for exclusives. Its just weird isnt it. Just imagen this happening before the internet. Oh sorry you want that game nah we cant sell that here you have to go across town to a store that is a trainwreck.

secondly. Although i agree with devs getting more money it shouldnt be because consumers hands are being forced. you want people to go to your store make it a nice store. Nobody wants to visit a crackhouse if they can visit a tech shop. If you want people to visit your store on their own you have to make it a better store. I think everyone hates being forced into a place they dont want to be.

third. It kinda reminds me of shopping. And since most gamers are guys and most guys dont like shopping I think I can safely say that that business model sucks. I dont think anyone likes moving from store to store and having to keep up with everything about the latest things and sales. We just want to go to one store and get what we need. If another store is nicer and we get stuff cheaper then we will move to use that store. Its simple.


Reasons not to use Epic Store:
1) They have terrible security (80 million accounts were exposed last week)
2) They have terrible customer service (just google it) 3) Games are more expensive on Epic due to regional pricing 
4) You can't play games offline 
5) Limited social features 
6) No screenshots 
7) No controller support 
8) They broke EU laws (and still do) 
9) Scummy tactics (you had to tick a box to opt out of emails etc) 
10) They are partially owned by Tencent (a company that sells user data to the Chinese government) 
11) No achievements 
12) No cloud saves 
13) No game forums (many people went to steam for subnautica support) 
14) Epic make you pay the transaction fee when purchasing games 
15)They are anti-consumer (They pay for exclusive rights to games to try and force you to use their store) 
16) They can refuse refunds even if you meet the criteria 
17) No reviews 
18) No Linux support

I am just tired of seeing games become epic exclusives even tho the store is shit. When they get a better store we can talk but buying exclusives sucks.

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