Social Justice Award for Ella Mae Lentz

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Did GUAA who orchestrated one of the most profound moments in Gallaudet history to rescind the first-ever Galloway “social justice” award? The activist who had been standing up for ASL rights and to embrace the journey of Deaf-oriented experiences for the betterment of Deaf community, who received the award, is now denied. 

It requires GUAA divert from conflict of interest, and it needs to be examined. ASL should not political-motivated. ASL should not be marginalized, ASL should not be censored. The activist happens to be Ella Mae Lentz, whose life was filled with passion by giving back to Deaf community through ASL storytelling, poetry, and theater; 
Creator of Deafhood Monologues; [storytelling]
One of Deaf-leading poets in this century; [poetry]
Gallaudet University Theatre: Won an award as student; [theater]

Her work was seen around the world. Her bona fides: Researcher on ASL for Northeastern University, the Salk Institute, and the University of California, loaded with ASL poems which is filled with powerful eyes: "The Treasure: Poems by Ella Mae Lentz”, “The Door”, “The Rosebush”, “To a Hearing Mother” and several gems. Appearing on talk shows and television shows: "Silent Perspectives", "Rainbow’s End",  is very much part of storytelling. Ella is also an ASL-leading linguist, carrying the fact that ASL is a human language. Her life's work preserving ASL, tells it all. 

GUAA members felt about this, affects most of us to imagine something about being neutral is a healthy thing to be. A little democracy is affected due to censorship of ASL is known oppression of the language. ASL should not be political. ASL must claim to define our language and culture.

The decision to rescind the award away makes a statement that GUAA on the behalf of Gallaudet University do not like being “controversial” that would affect the political climate on the campus that ASL is not a language. Censorship of ASL has geared toward “influencers” of the status quo. ASL is an American democracy by the stars, hearts, and souls that constitute the rights of ASL, on the validation of Ella Mae Lentz's lifelong work.

ASL should not be a political motivation to avoid "controversial" at Gallaudet not to invite a radical contribution what ASL offers. There is no doubt that it is known oppressor of ASL, the forgotten social justice of the Deaf. The stars, hearts, and souls are in our game and should not let ASL being targeted by the culture of fear practices.

Please sign the petition to support Ella mae Lentz’s lifelong work of ASL to receive the Gertrude Scott Galloway, Advocacy and Social Justice Award.