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On the 4th Nov.2015 The National Trust in their submission to the Greater MacArthur Land release stated “The Mt. Gilead Estate is of exceptional importance as a cultural landscape on account of the nationally rare surviving features within it, its intactness as an estate, its collective value as part of a continuum of notable colonial properties along Appin Rd….” The study highlights the importance of the windmill tower, and the visual connections with important vistas to and from Menangle and Camden Park. The national trust expresses its deep concern at the impacts of planned development on heritage properties, vegetation & landscapes In the Greater MacArthur Land Release area. To read the full submission go to GreaterMacarthurLandRelease (1) Mt.Gilead.pdf  The Greater Sydney Commission Western District plan, recognised the same and the importance of Mt. Gilead to Campbelltown & the Macarthur district….Quote  “Camden Park and Menangle to Georges river Open spaces Corridor connecting a band of open spaces in a unique geographic setting where the Nepean & Georges rivers are only 4 Km apart”….
But the landscape was not protected and developers have been given rezoning approval for land that should have been preservedThe Mt Gilead Urban Release Area which provides 1700 lots will be the start of the destruction of  Greater Macarthur's heritage. After this, all of Mt Gilead will be developed as the attached map shows:A state heritage listing proposal, due to go to  the state Heritage Minister for approval, provides a curtilage  that is smaller than the one advertised and hugely less than a listing of the entire Mount Gilead Estate as recommended by highly regarded consultants, GML Heritage, in their 2015 Report.The GML Study used the recommended Burra Charter Guidelines and methodology and also took into account State Heritage Register (SHR) Criteria when assessing Mount Gilead to determine the level of heritage significance.

This study concluded there was 'Exceptional Significance' and on 1 August 2017 Mount Gilead's significance was updated to EXCEPTIONA

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