Enforce the no littering law in NSW now. Fine people caught doing it.

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Please sign this petition to actively enforce the anti littering laws in NSW and hopefully the rest of Australia. Show your support to this cause so hopefully it will be actioned ASAP by the NSW Environmental MP Gabrielle Upton and her party.

Unfortunately I have come to realise that the only way many people will choose to care about the environment and many other thing is if you gets them where it hurts most "In their wallet".

And often the Government are more likely to support the change if they are making money out of it. I don't like many ways the government revenue raise in this state but this one would make me feel very happy.

Every time people leaves their coffee cup or MacDonald's packaging etc at the bus stop and get a fine slapped on them maybe they will fear doing it again.

If the only way to change this very human bad habit is through enforcing this law I'm all for it. I can't take going to the beach and watching people getting up and walking away and leaving bottles and plastic bags etc where they once sat.

Or seeing someone as they drop the wrapper of something they have just opened and walking on like this is ok. It should be an instant fine not a warning. I'm so over it.

I grew up on Great Barrier Island and over the years more and more rubbish washes up on the beaches and most of the people living on this Island are very environmentally conscious but they cannot control people all over the world throwing their crap on the ground and into the ocean.

I have spent a lot of time trying to work out a way of teaching educated people why its not good to litter and for me enforcing the anti littering law seems another very good way to start as it hurts the perpetrator and people don't usually like pain so maybe they will stop.

If they cannot care about this beautiful planet we share maybe they will care about the fact their bank balance will decrease if they keep doing it.

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