Cash For Containers NSW should accept all plastic bottles

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Summary: So much of our rubbish ends up in landfill when it could been used as a resource and have a second life... Assuming it makes it to the landfill and not the bush or ocean to kill wildlife.

The issue: The issue here is that so much of the copious amounts of plastic garbage our nation consumes is going to landfill to spend the next 500 years decomposing, rather than being used as a resource to build and construct roads, buildings, garden items and stationery -among other useful things. Instead, we're drilling more oil rigs, creating more virgin plastics and killing more parts of the planet. Why aren't we using what we already have instead of dumping it in a hole and leaving it there for our childrens' great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren to deal with. If we continue at this rate, what scale will it reach before that point?What kind of worries are we burdening our own children with?

So why aren't we recycling more of our waste? It's a great start to restart cash for containers in NSW but it's not enough. We need to take a leaf out of South Australia's book and accept more than we currently do. Yakult probiotic containers and other containers accepted in SA should be accepted in NSW too, and the whole country should be able to recycle their containers at cash for containers centres to be turned into a resource rather than a problem.

Plastic juice bottles and milk bottles are among the most common types of plastic bottles, and most are not accepted at Cash For Containers.

Image of Albatross chick (fed plastics by it's parents) borrowed from U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.

Take action! Our planet is already suffering from the last 100 years of plastics... We have an opportunity and obligation to start taking care of our home so it can continue to provide for us.