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Save the Millers Point Workers’ Flats

More than forty years ago, Jack Mundey and the BLF joined with Nita McCrae and The Rocks Resident Action Group to save The Rocks from high-rise development. In 2015, Jack Mundey is once more standing together with residents to save Millers Point. Please sign this petition to save the workers’ flats, the Sirius apartments and the future of public housing in Millers Point.

All public housing tenants in The Rocks, Millers Point and Dawes Point have been told they must leave by March 2016. A few live in large 19th-century houses that the government has neglected for decades. The government now says these properties are too valuable to retain for public housing and too expensive to repair.

However, the majority of Millers Point public housing tenants live in the modest flats that were purpose built for maritime workers, and the Sirius apartments that were built when local residents and the BLF saved The Rocks from high-rise development in the 1970s. Although the government is not yet offering to sell these properties, which do not fit their story of public housing tenants living in multi-million-dollar homes, nonetheless it is clearing out these properties. Go to these links to see photos and stories of these workers’ flats, the Sirius apartments and the people of Millers Point:

Millers Point workers’ flats


Millers Point: The People

The respected SGS Economic and Planning group has produced an independent report on the government’s plan to sell Millers Point housing. It advises an alternative way forward for Millers Point. Here is a link to the full SGS report:

SGS: Millers Point Final Report

Please sign this petition to save these workers’ flats, the Sirius apartments and the public housing tenants of Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks. 

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